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A Week To Go!

  A quick note on the progress of Roundoms.  Not much, really.  Just a load of research on blogs and pods and odds.  The deadline is only seven days from now.  And then a new deadline in ten days.  And then Fourteen days.  You get it.  Nothing really tangible to get your mind incisors into.  Soooo, in the meantime, I guess I’m in training.  I have noticed a website that does a random generated sentence based on my variables.  Maybe an added adjective to the verb noun pairing would help the brain juice flow.  Maybe.  Until then, I’ll be stretching my mind and my mouth to let those big words come right out.  Thanks, Peter Gabriel.

I do admit I am a bit disappointed in Garageband for podcasting.  It’s fine, I guess, as it does capture sound.  But it definitely isn’t a pro audio platform.  I miss using a protools setup as I like production value.  I sometimes want a cool drop or to double my voice in stereo or a little distortion for a foul moment in time. “FUCK THAT CUHHHNNT!”  More reverb, please.  I’ll have to consider changing the studio setup. But for now, it’s Garageband.  Baby steps, I guess.  The only other time I take baby steps is when I have to shit and the bathroom is in plain sight.  It’s amazing the magnetic pull of toilet water and my waste product.  “Hang on, Gertrude. We’re almost there.”

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